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Windows Mobile painless BlueTooth API

Hi ,

It happen while playing around with my windows mobile (6.1) with BT. if you are aware of GRemote or simliar kind of app for windows phone.

I wanted to write my own BT application but for different purpose. (purpose disclosed for this time).

Visual studio 2008 didn’t had what i needed to program in windows mobile for BT. standard set of libraries!…ihan but fear not there is one excellent API named “In the hand” 32Feet.

well i came to knew about it from some group forums.  here we go to real deal part download the api -> http://inthehand.com/ read all documentation , FAQ all kind of stuffs.

What i did for now made my initial BT j2SE server communicate with my windows phone 🙂

after downloading the api extract them or install it,  add the api to your C# mobile project in add reference.

start to explore and see what potentials it has!

my code if you need is here ->


in case you need to ask something most welcome to write me on my gmail address, best thing would be if you are using this 32feet grab those techy guys of 32feet :).

Thats all , Cheers

*warning the code is slightly off tune. in case it hangs your phone don’t press any other button then “Find”. extend the code as you like.

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