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pushd and popd Windows

Need for CMD cheat sheet Aahhh…I always wanted to keep CMD cheat sheet in my head. But as i cannot maybe I should just write it down here.

Update it from time to time. Yes i will do like that

Soo while working between different directories on CMD ofcourse 🙂 one might need kind of /root directroy to access anytime (you disagree?)

lets say we are working on  C:\Music and then switch to D:\Music backup and then E:\Music send

now by typing the whole path back to C:\Music esp if we are inside doom of subfolder’s

CMD command PUSHD comes handy so when we are on C:\Music we will do E:\Music\pushd C:\Music

then next time we just use POPD and Voille we are in C:\Music

I found a List of more command have a look -> http://ss64.com/nt/

Thats All…

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